Setup a queuing kiosk for your restaurant
Qsmart offer a completely FREE queuing kiosk, allowing you to have happier customers waiting in line
Coming Soon Your customers can order online and queue
Your customers dislike waiting, and you want to make more money. Let your customers order with Qsmart, and get notified when it is ready.
Free, Cloud based, feature packed queuing system
Complete user maintenance, location maintenance, counters, kiosk designer, and much more
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Search for services post office, hospital or clinics?
Why use Qsmart?
With Qsmart you can save your time, receive notification on the go and queue smarter. The quick answer is why not?

Save your time
Using Qsmart to queue saves you a lot of time and hassle. We take away the pain of waiting endlessly for your turn to be served.
Request ticket anywhere
Request your ticket and be in the queue remotely. You can request for your ticket just hours before you arrive.
Realtime Updates
Qsmart app display current updates from a waiting line in real time. That means you can go anywhere and still get updated.
Get notification
Qsmart notifies you when it is almost your turn. This clever little app also tells you approximately how long it will take for your turn to be served.
Yes, for all the holy grail features, the app is completely FREE. It is available for download through Android, Apple ITune, and Windows Store. You can even access through your browser.