Qsmart as next generation solution
Qsmart is a next generation cloud based queuing platform that is FREE, easy to use and seamless to integrate.
1900 - 1999
Stand Queue
In your grandfathers generation, they had to stand and wait for their turn. The process is tiring and tedious, but they had no choice.
2000 - Today
Sit Queue
As technology advanced, we have a queuing machine that generate tickets, and now you don't have to stand to wait for your turn, unless there are no seats left.
The Future
Remote Queue
Welcome to the future! Qsmart is a next generation queuing platform that allows users to queue remotely and get notification without the need to be there.

Award wininning app that save your time!

What could be more frustrating than wasting your time waiting in line? Qsmart is a free mobile app to search for services, find out service information and get estimates of waiting times.

For service providers, a total queuing solution that can be setup in 5 minutes. For service providers with an existing electronic queuing system, integration can be done using Qsmart platform APIs.

Angelhack Champion

Qsmart won Angelhack Global Demo Day 2014 compete with 30 cities and 5000 hackers in Silicon Valley.

Loved by customers

Time is money. Qsmart save your customers' time by eliminate the perceived waiting time.

Our Location

  • Address: B-9-3, Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 3-8659 1592
  • Email: support@qsmart.co
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Search for services post office, hospital or clinics?
Why use Qsmart?
With Qsmart you can save your time, receive notification on the go and queue smarter. The quick answer is why not?

Save your time
Using Qsmart to queue saves you a lot of time and hassle. We take away the pain of waiting endlessly for your turn to be served.
Request ticket anywhere
Request your ticket and be in the queue remotely. You can request for your ticket just hours before you arrive.
Realtime Updates
Qsmart app display current updates from a waiting line in real time. That means you can go anywhere and still get updated.
Get notification
Qsmart notifies you when it is almost your turn. This clever little app also tells you approximately how long it will take for your turn to be served.
Yes, for all the holy grail features, the app is completely FREE. It is available for download through Android, Apple ITune, and Windows Store. You can even access through your browser.